Atlanta DIEP Consultants was founded in 2011 as a collaboration between two colleagues looking to help breast cancer patients in Atlanta who desire reconstruction but could not find long lasting options that allowed them to keep active lifestyles.

Drs. Grace Ma and Sean Boutros  originally met as general surgery residents at New York University in 1997. Over the course of their training, they developed a mutual respect for each other’s professional skills and compassion toward patients. After completing general surgery, Dr. Boutros continued at NYU for his plastic surgery training under the renowned Dr. Joseph McCarthy. Dr. Ma relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to study plastic surgery at Emory University with Dr. John Bostwick, a pioneer in the field of breast reconstruction.

Dr. Boutros ultimately returned to his hometown, Houston, and began in solo practice with an emphasis on microsurgery, breast reconstruction and craniofacial surgery. He has personally performed over 500 DIEP and perforator flaps for breast reconstruction over the years with superior success rates and hundreds of highly satisfied patients.

Dr. Ma remained in Atlanta and opened Peachtree Plastic Surgery in 2002. She can attest to the importance of breast reconstruction for women both as a surgeon, as well as being a 5 year survivor of breast cancer herself. Her personal experience both as surgeon and patient prompted her to explore additional reconstruction options for women facing mastectomy. Knowing that Dr. Boutros has taught his technique worldwide, Dr. Ma contacted him to learn specifically about perforator flap surgery. Their coordinated efforts now allow them to operate together and perform the DIEP procedure with its attendant advantages.

Drs. Ma and Boutros perform DIEP reconstructions at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. For additional information please visit www.peachtreeplasticsurgery.com and  www.drseanboutros.com.

Channel 2’s Craig Lucie spoke with Dr. Ma concerning Diep Flap Surgery